• Master degree in Developmental Psychology (Utrecht University Netherlands), neuro-psychology (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Various Postgraduate courses and training
  • Member of the Netherlands Institute for Psychologists (NIP)
  • Member of Singapore Psychological Society

Helmy has worked with local students from K2, Primary and Secondary Schools, home-schoolers, students at private institutions, as well as students from various International Schools in Singapore for more than twenty years.

The ‘Dyscalculia Diagnostics Protocol – Singapore’ (DDP-S) and the ‘Dyslexia Diagnostics Protocol – Singapore’ (DLDP-S) have been developed in order to minimize the possibility for a misdiagnosis. Since the guidelines in the DSM-5 are rather vague, it is important to follow a more precise protocol not only to provide a diagnosis, but also to recommend the continuing interventions, support and accommodations that will benefit students to achieve their full potential.

She has published several educational books that are available on Amazon and other retailers. Most recently ‘Code Green on Dyscalculia – A Guide for Educators, Parents, Counselors and other Professionals’ (2021) and ‘The Math Handbook’– a reference book for students with Math Difficulties, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia or ADHD (2017).

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