Full assessment for Dyscalculia:

$950 including report

Full assessment for Dyslexia:

$950including report

Diagnostic Assessment for Mathematics (for students with math difficulties, excluding report):

Kindergarten 2


Primary/Grade 1-2


Primary/Grade 3 and above

$350including dyscalculia screening

Math Intervention:

Kindergarten 2

$50 per hour

Primary/Grade 1-2

$60 per hour

P3/Grade and above

$70 per hour

All other fees upon request.

Dr Daniel Ansari (2017) on Dyscalculia: “Dyscalculia is as common as dyslexia. There are differences in how the brain is structured and functions; individuals cán learn and enjoy math.


Helmy Faber is a Registered Educational Psychologist with the SPS and the only Postgraduate Certified Dyscalculia Diagnostician in Singapore. She is the author of several educational books, including The Math Handbook (2017) and Code Green on Dyscalculia (2021). She has over twenty years of experience working with students who have learning and/or developmental disorders in local and international schools, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and ASD.


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